Services for Institutional Investors

  • Company Specific Research
    Initiation Reports, Quarterly Reports, Research Notes

  • Equity Research & Weekly Data
    Monthly ‘E-Tech Comment’ Weekly dissemination of public company data: (U.S., Canada and Europe) after the close each Friday

  • Technology Research
    Monthly ‘Energy Technology Focus’ In-depth ‘Market Reports’ and ‘White Papers’ on technologies and market issues

  • E-Tech Daily Market Activity
    A daily e-mail summarizing leading/lagging sector stock performance, Ardour Energy Technology Index, relevant commodity pricing, top sector news items of the day

  • Access to Analysts

  • Sales Coverage

  • Access to Company Management

  • Invitation to Ardour Capital’s Annual Energy Technology Conference

Industry Reports/White Papers

If you are interested in more information, please contact:

Ardour Research
These Reports are available to Ardour Capital’s Institutional clients on a commercial basis.

Alternative Energy Resources
Distributed Generation
Energy Efficiency
Enabling Technologies


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